How can you help?

Art in the Frame Foundation might only be a small Jersey charity but we have made mammoth strides in the Jersey art scene over the last 21 years.

We know that many local companies are looking for meaningful ways to fulfil their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and we believe that you could do this by supporting the continuing work done by Art in the Frame Foundation here in Jersey.

We hope that you can read all about us on this website, such as when we started up 21 years ago, there were only two galleries in the island and ‘art and culture’ was very much ‘not in the frame’. Our charity has made an enormous difference both for the up-and-coming artists/craftworkers and in education… and all of this has mainly been achieved by our hard working volunteers.

16 years ago, we started up The Harbour Gallery Jersey, at just half the size that it is now, our most important achievement being that is has become the hub of Art in the Frame Foundation. We receive no government funding, or any external financial help but we still have to pay high commercial rents and all costs associated with running a retail outlet.

Here are some ways that you can help us:

Sponsor an exhibition – £500

We hold up to 12 exhibitions a year at The Harbour Gallery Jersey, you could sponsor as many or as few as you wish, any sponsorship would be a great help.

Pay for travel and accommodation costs for a visiting tutor – £400

We bring over 9 tutors a year to work with the public at The Harbour Gallery Jersey and to go into schools. £400 would pay for approximately 4 days accommodation and their flight or boat journey.

Sponsor a children’s workshop – £250-300

Tutors charge £250- £300 for a 6 hour workshop, you could sponsor one of these or as many as you wish.

Gallery upkeep (materials/labour) – £1000

We are always having to give the gallery a new coat of paint and make repairs to keep the gallery looking its best, so £1,000 would be a wonderful help to purchase materials and pay for some help.

Display materials – £500-1000

We often have to replace display materials so any donation would be an enormous help to us.

Materials for educational workshops – £1000

Educational workshops often require specialist materials which need to be bought in so a donation would be a great help.
Any donations or help, perhaps in the form of volunteering, would be gratefully appreciated to help us further our work. In return, we can give you as much or as little recognition as you would like. Your logo on exhibition invitations or on workshops flyers, invitations to exhibitions, 2 half-price places for your staff on each workshop that you sponsor, well organised corporate art/craft workshops for your staff at a reduced rate at The Harbour Gallery Jersey etc. We are open to suggestions as to how we can help you, help us.

We constantly have to rely on sponsorship or donations to carry on our charitable work, please consider Art in the Frame Foundation when you are next looking for Jersey charities to support.

Please contact us by email or by telephone on 01534 743044, should you wish to sponsor us.

Online Fundraising

You can donate to us easily and quickly online through PayPal and you don’t even need a PayPal account to do it! Simply click on the button below, select the amount you wish to donate and then pay using your credit or debit card. You can even select to regularly donate to us using PayPal!

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Founded in 1998 by two local art teachers, the Art in the Frame Foundation is a Jersey-registered charity no. 21 and a member of the Association of Jersey Charities. In 2002, we opened The Harbour Gallery Jersey in St Aubin and we are very proud to have Lady Dalton as our current patron.

From the very start, we had two main objectives:

1) To help up-and-coming artists and craftworkers exhibit their work in Jersey & UK and promote them and their work

2) To enhance art education by providing exciting and innovative artists from Jersey, UK and Europe to run workshops, talks and events in the island’s schools and for students of all ages

The third objective was to find a hub in which to carry out our work and in 2002, The Harbour Gallery Jersey at St Aubin, Jersey was born.

Through the gallery, we offer up to 12 stunning art and craft exhibitions a year, in a range of mediums, display the work from over 100 local artists and also host workshops, events and more. The gallery is home to The Textile Centre, a hub for sewing, knitting and fashion and the Gallery Café & Deli, open 9am – 5pm daily.

Why should I help?

Unfortunately, the gallery is subject to full commercial rent, rates, insurance etc with no charitable discounts. In 2019, Art in the Frame Foundation is celebrating its 21st birthday and as such, we invite you to help us take this wonderful charity into its future years, working tirelessly for Jersey and its people. Art and Design is all around us day and night, whether hanging on a wall, the design of comfortable and attractive office or home furniture, the clothes for every occasion worn by all ages, vehicles of all sorts that we regularly travel in, gardens, parks, villages, towns. We often take all of these for granted BUT without talented artists and designers creating and sculpting the things around us, our lives would be very poor.

In addition art has been proved to be remarkably beneficial to those suffering from many illnesses, both physical and mental including depression, anxiety and stress. From children who have school phobias and suffer from bullying, to those suffering from Autism.

Thank you for taking the time to read all about the essential work we are doing for the Island and its future, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Pat Robson BEM